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NYSE send a message to investors
Yes, I got a weightlifting set last Christmas
Are you going to believe ME, or your lying eyes?
NOT FAIR! Bush Family Vacation in New Orleans
Absolute Power Corrupts, Absolutely (re: Pres. Bush)
Shocker: Bush prays for Hurricane relief

Captain Kirk's Business Card
How many Bushies does it take to change light bulb?
Celebrities as GOOFY KIDS
THE ALIEN SONG   Let it touch you

K A T I E H O L M E S =  "TOM  LIKES  A  HE"
Why Doth the Bikini Girl Fall?
Hidden Cam: what Pets do when owner's away!

Jesus is with us always, 27 cartoons of angst!
L&D's 248 Ways to Annoy People
PRESIDENT BUSH shoots a one-finger bird

NASA floats a cat in zero-gravity
Headlines from the year 2040

Dodge Trucks are for Girly Men

How many ways do we Vomit?

Top 10 Signs you're about to be FIRED
Overheard at the Free Clinic for STDs...

Innappropriate Nursery Rhymes
Bible Code found in King James - in English!
HI-larious Church Bulletin Bloopers

IRAQNOID Bug captured by U.S. Troops

President Bush's I.Q. Report
Learn Chinese in 5 Minutes!

Deep Thoughts... by kids

A different kind of Harry Potter Bobble Head
COOL: Smetrar than you tuoghht !!
God "Jestures"
The Astounding Foot Trick!

20 clicks outside of De Neng

Chicks and Butts on Bikes - Unknown Happenstance

L&D Predict: Top 10 Headlines After The War

Gaseous Annomolies

Awesome "Falling" Illusion!

L&D's Incredible Mind Reading Demonstration!
Shake Hands with Fluffy!

It's not about the Oil, is it?

Michael Jackson Tragic Figure or Lost Soul?

Halloween and Alcohol don't mix

Aliens have The Answer
God holds a press conference

Confuscius is "One Smart Cookie"!

You always suspected your Cat was Alien...

Babys trust Gerber (maybe they shouldn't)

Sell your Soul to Satan, get this software!

Dictionary of new Business Euphemisms
Life's Too Funny!
New Budweiser Ad Campaign: "Truth"
Cupid's Arousa-tron 9000
2 Secret Messages in new $20 Bill!
3rd Secret Message found in $20 Bill!

New Ergonimically correct PC mouse

Behold, the HAND of TIME

Your friend's e-mail address:

Your E-mail address:

Bill Gates pays $25K for Suicide Spammers
Get a Refund from the Pope!

Smoke THIS!

AWFUL Children's Books

Cartoonists hit the nail on the head
WTC Bible Code Prophecies!

Coincidences about the WTC Attack
Our Famous BUSH IQ Hoax
Here's my little teapot

Can you find the Apricot? (grownups only)

Call the Whacko Hotline

Intelligence Alert: Osama Disguise Pix
If MEN ruled the world...

Afghan TV, New Fall Schedule!

The Baffling Rings!
20 Clever ways to say: YOUR FLY IS OPEN!
Redneck Rules of Etiquette
Truth in Advertising

How to Take a Wife, per the Bible
Pictures of Satan in WTC Smoke
The 2 Dozen Male Commandments

50 "Other" Facts of Life

You'll never die, you'll just...

How Many Mountain Dews to Kill You?
Pop my bubbles one more time

Meet Jack Schitt
Great American Put Down Lines

Linky & Dinky's Mission Statement
A Picture of an Untreated Computer Virus

L&D Pardon YOU for Internet Crimes

L&D's New Pet Xinky (WebCam)

Get High On Life: Euphoria Tape - FREE!
Gender-Specific Definitions
Cousin Binky Finds FREE stuff!
L&D Popularity Vote!
Linky & Dinky's Secret Clubhouse
One Click, Feed a Hungry Kid
Top 10 Reasons Secret Clubhouse

Linky & Dinky Viewer Mail!
The Shocking True Story of L&D!

Dinky Complains about Linky
Avert your eyes... Quborical!
Voting for Dummies

Why Stay Earthbound?
It Makes A Village
Lasting Wisdom from Archie Bunker

35 Facts you were Happy Not Knowing
Bio-Optic Organized Knowledge Device!
Wry Artist's Commentaries

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